Maryland Grows


Grow100 Category Winners!

“Wouldn’t it be neat to have a contest to see what people could do with 100 square feet of food gardening space”? UME Master Gardeners active in the Grow It Eat It program asked themselves this question last year and…

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Grow100 Check in Period 3 Winner!

Bzzzt!  Trowels down! The first Grow100 competition is over! We had a ton of great submissions.  Here, we are highlighting our favorite entry from the third round of check-ins.  Next week we will unveil our overall favorites in each category…

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Grow100 Period 2 Update and Winner

Gardeners have shared some great insights along with stories of bountiful harvests and losses to pests. And people are busy filling vacant spots with fall vegetable seeds and plants. David Marcovitz of Baltimore County is our pick for this period’s…

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Grow100 Check-in Period 1 Winner and Highlights

Here they are!  The results from the first Grow100 update period!  We were impressed with the amount of participation from Marylanders (and a few out of state folks as well!).  In total, 28 gardeners sent in info to the first…

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Relocating intruding snakes with a homemade tool – the "Snake Stake"

It’s Spring, and this time of year my parents’ house usually gets invaded a few times by some (or maybe it’s the same one) black snakes.  This year so far, one made itself at home on my folks’ downstairs couch,…

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