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Semi-novice Gardener – Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Adventure (vol. 4)

Raised bed garden

Here’s update #4 on my raised bed garden efforts this year. While we are enjoying eating our vegetables, some other creatures are as well. As our summer crops are winding down, we are starting some light fall vegetable crops, and…

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Semi-novice Gardener – Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Adventure (vol. 1)

Hi all, I’m Dan Adler – a part-time employee that works on web and communications at the HGIC.  I work on the website, video creation, posting others’ blog content, newsletters, design, and other web-media technical things.  I’ve been with the…

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Featured Video – Building a cinder block square foot garden

This video from NC State Extension outlines a great square-foot garden build created with cinder blocks.  Use the holes in the blocks to plant ornamentals and other plants that will attract pollinators to your food crop.

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Q&A: What kind of soil should I use in raised beds?

Q: I plan to build four raised beds for vegetable gardens in the spring. I need to purchase garden soil to fill these beds. What kind of soil should I use in raised beds? What do I look for when…

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The future of my vegetable garden

This is a decision year for my vegetable garden.  (Well, really for me.  I hate to think what my garden would choose if it could decide for itself.  Rampant mint and lemon balm, probably.) I wrote a post recently in…

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An Inspired Garden!!

Hello there, everyone!  It’s been a while since I’ve posted here.  As many of you know, I have my own blog, and I usually cross post here as well.  One of my garden blog followers said I was the inspiration…

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