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My Pachysandra is Dying, What Can I Plant in Its Place?

Resident seeks groundcover options to replace Pachysandra. Photo: University of Maryland Extension / Ask an Expert Q: My Pachysandra is Dying, What Can I Plant in Its Place? A patch of Japanese Pachysandra in my yard was formerly healthy but…

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Q&A: How Can I Make a Naturalistic Garden Look Intentional?

Q: I would like to plant a more natural garden but am worried about irritating the neighbors who might think it is sloppy or not a garden at all! Any advice? A: Make a natural garden look intentional. Here are…

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Japanese Maples in Maryland Landscapes: Plant Location & Care Are Keys to Success

The group of small ornamental shade trees lumped under the name Japanese maples, Acer palmatum and A. japonicum, and their many hybrids, are very popular with gardeners and plant enthusiasts. Most of the questions we receive about problems with Japanese…

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5 Steps to a Chesapeake Bay-Friendly Landscape

By changing a few simple landscape practices, you can help keep Maryland waterways healthy. Most Maryland residents live within a half-mile of a storm drain, stream or river. Most of those waterways eventually drain into the Chesapeake Bay.  What we…

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How to Avoid Most Plant Problems with One Concept – Right Plant, Right Place

Many plant problems in the landscape could be avoided by choosing the right plant for the purpose and the site. Many insects and diseases are opportunists, taking advantage of plants that are stressed and aren’t healthy enough to fight back….

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How to Avoid 5 Landscaping Blunders: Tips for new and experienced gardeners

Creating a beautiful landscape takes time and resources. Invest in careful planning and research before you begin to establish or renovate a landscape. It will pay off in the long run! Here are a few common blunders that occur in…

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