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What’s the deal with butterfly bushes: Good or bad for pollinators?

swallowtail butterfly on flowers of butterfly bush

The summer is slowly leaving us, with many of us starting to harvest the last wave of vegetables and enjoying the beautiful late summer flowers. At this time of the year, I like to review what happened in the peak…

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Dead Trees “Snag” Lofty Praise as Habitat

Chad Hanson, a University of California-Davis researcher and Sierra Club board member observes, “We are trapped by an outdated cultural idea that a healthy forest is one with nothing but green trees. An ecologically healthy forest has dead trees, broken…

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The Garden Hoes Podcast Episode 06 Part 2 – Gardening with Children

Listen to this episode If you’re teleworking like we are, keeping the little ones entertained while getting everything checked off on your weekly “to do” list can seem impossible. In this special edition, we explore all the fun ways you…

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The Garden Hoes Podcast Episode 06 PART 1 – Soil Health and planting trees

Listen to this episode Hello Listener, We hope you and your family are safe during this difficult time. Our April episode ended up being rather lengthy, so we decided to turn it into two episodes. So this month you will…

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Gone With The Wind: A Look at Wind Pollination

The spring is here, and it seems that all the trees in my neighborhood have finally woken up and entered some sort of tree beauty contest. Some of them, like the cherries, crabapples, and Eastern redbuds have been showing off…

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Why Are So Many Oak Trees Dying This Year?

This season the Home and Garden Information Center has received a tremendous number of questions on rapid browning and death of many of our oak trees in urban landscapes and forest situations.  Even though it would be convenient to point…

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Q&A: What is this white growth on my cherry laurel shrub?

Q: We have cherry laurel shrubs that were growing very well for a few years. Yesterday, I noticed some of the leaves on one side of a laurel were brown. When I looked closer, I found that all of the…

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