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Why are Oaks Declining? Dr. Dave Describes 3 Oak Diseases

We’ve recently received inquiries about oak trees declining and dying. People usually want to know if this is caused by oak wilt. Importantly, oak wilt is not known to occur widely in Maryland. Two common leaf diseases of oaks in…

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What causes holes in my cherry tree leaves?

Q: I have a cherry tree that has been in the ground for three years and has grown well. This year, the leaves have holes and they are falling to the ground already. The tree was sprayed twice with an…

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Q&A: Do bagworms kill trees?

Q: Do bagworms kill trees? A: If there is a large infestation of bagworms on an evergreen tree, it is indeed possible for them to kill the tree if the defoliation is severe. Bagworms can be a problem on deciduous…

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Brown Tips on Leland Cypress

Q:  I have two beautiful, mature Leyland cypresses in my yard. I noticed that their tips are turning brown in spots. I see the same phenomenon on my neighbor’s evergreens that border my yard. Is this a disease? Do the…

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