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Top 10 ways to kill a houseplant

Phalaenopsis orchids are relatively easy houseplants to grow

It’s easy to kill a houseplant. No matter how green his or her thumb, every gardener has a sad tale about the orchid that expired, the pothos that went to pot, or the weeping fig that dropped every blessed leaf….

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What work can I do in the perennial garden in the dead of winter? Edging! – Featured Video

Edging the beds to control weeds and to reduce the lawn area. Plus dividing perennials that you can watch in the event of heaving during the freeze-thaw cycle. Check out this pretty, evergreen perennial – Geum ‘Totally Tangerine’! Joyce Browning…

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Garden Resolutions and Winter Weather Plant Care – The Garden Thyme Podcast

Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe that we’re already in a new year. After almost an entire year of quarantining, in this month’s episode, we took time to pause and reflect on last year’s gardening success and failures. Like…

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Send in your gardening highlights from 2020!

Planting seeds

As we weather the winter months and dream about goals for our 2021 growing seasons, we thought it would be fun, interesting, and informative to share some highlights from your 2020 season. Do you have anything notable to share? Such…

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Holly is entwined in holiday traditions

Holly berries

The holly and the ivy,When they are both full grown,Of all the trees that are in the wood,The holly bears the crown. This traditional British Christmas carol highlights the prominence of holly in our holiday celebrations.   But where did that…

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December Tips and Tasks

Not sure what to get your garden lover this holiday season? The Master Gardener Handbook makes a nice gift.  Check to make sure the Christmas tree you purchase is fresh. Gently grasp a branch with your fingers and pull towards you. Very few…

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Allegheny Spurge: a recommended native Pachysandra groundcover – Featured Video

Our native pachysandra, Pachysandra procumbens, lacks the aggressive nature of the more common Asian species. And that is good! The Allegheny spurge has marbled, deep green foliage that is much prettier too!

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