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Starting a compost pile and planting cover crops – winding down the vegetable garden for the year

Bin with waste inside

After a fun year of building support structures and growing really long squash, it was time to wind down the garden. Our first baby was born (thank you, thank you), and we had no further bandwidth or ambition to continue…

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DIY garden structures with materials you have on hand

Vegetable garden with gate

I had a lot of goals for improving my garden since last year’s adventure which meant new things to build! However, with the current prices of lumber and materials, plus my only basic carpentry skills, I didn’t want to go…

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Intermediate Gardener – Growing Season 2021

Hello again! Last year, I published a series of blogs chronicling my 2020 growing season from the perspective of a “semi-novice gardener.” Some things went well, some things did not, and I learned a lot in the process, thus I…

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Grow healthy, productive plants with the right supports

Being supported is important. For you. For me. And for our garden plants. The right garden supports help keep plants healthy. Lifting them up, up, up on stakes, cages and trellises boosts air circulation. This cuts down on rot and…

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2016 Gardening Resolutions

It is cold outside! That means, we, gardeners, finally get to spend some time indoors and think about the upcoming growing season. New seeds catalog, enticing us with even better than seeds than ever before, arrive in the mail almost…

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Link roundup!

via Flickr Somehow when it’s cold outside there’s a little more time to read blogs and websites – so here’s some winter reading for you. I’ve collected a few random links, and will try to keep posting more through the…

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Ooh, she really DID!

Today was demo garden workday at Derwood, and I was anxiously waiting to see what happened as a result of the hurricane.  Well, on the whole we didn’t fare too badly – some tree limbs down in the shade garden…

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