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How will climate change affect native plants?

Maryland temperatures are predicted to increase 5⁰ F to 11⁰ F by 2100. Higher temperatures will cause native plants to experience more heat-related stress, a situation that will be made worse by longer droughts. Warmer temperatures will cause earlier leaf…

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Record Rainfall and Resilient Vegetable Gardens

More than 63 inches of rain has fallen so far this year on the Baltimore/Washington region, breaking a 129 year record. Gardeners are more often in the habit of hoping and praying for rain during hot, dry spells. This year…

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Climate-Smart Garden and Lawn Techniques

Our own Dr. Sara Via, Professor and Climate Extension Specialist here at UMD has been featured in a pair of brief audio programs and articles produced by Yale Climate Connections.

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How Climate Change Works

In my last post, I addressed some common questions that farmers ask about climate change. Although I considered why the scientific information documenting climate change is trustworthy, I didn’t actually explain how climate change works. A savvy reader picked up…

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Climate Change??  Show Me The Evidence

If you’re not sure whether climate change is real, you’re not alone. Although recent surveys reveal that 75% of Marylanders think climate change is occurring, many people say they just don’t know enough to be certain about whether it is…

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Climate change starting to affect Maryland farms (Viewpoint)

Editor’s note – this article was originally posted on Delmarva Farmer and was re-published here with permission.  While the content focuses on farms, it is also relevant to anyone growing in Maryland, including homeowners. The day I drove to Easton,…

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