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Is This a Pollinator? Five Types of Pollinating Insects You Can Find in Maryland

Gardeners, naturalists, researchers, conservationists, politicians — everybody talks about pollinators these days. It seems that pollinators need our help and we need to help them help us. However, it is really hard to protect something that we don’t fully know….

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Multi-colored Asian Lady Beetles Are Also Known as Halloween Beetles

To keep in the spirit of Halloween, I wanted to talk about a beneficial insect with orange and black coloration. The first to come to mind is the multi-colored Asian lady beetle, Harmonia axyridis. Both the coloration and the timing…

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Plant for Pollinators: 9 Ways to Attract and Help Pollinators in Your Garden and Yard

Pollinators of all types – insects, birds, and bats – are in decline due to habitat loss, pesticide use, and diseases. Insects – including Maryland’s 400 species of native bees – provide valuable pollination and a food source for wildlife….

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Are Stink Bugs Bugging You? Are Wasps the Solution?

Summary: Learn how University of Maryland researchers and University of Maryland Extension (UME) Master Gardeners collaborate on research to reduce brown marmorated stink bug populations in Maryland. Project Stink-be-Gone, by Rebeccah Waterworth As temperatures cool, many of you probably have…

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I Lost a Caterpillar in my Car

Guest post by Susie Hill, Frederick County Master Gardener and former HGIC Horticulture Consultant. This article originally appeared in the Frederick News-Post. “My mom threw your caterpillar in the grass when you weren’t looking.” Ella’s gargantuan blue eyes got even…

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Hummingbirds and spiders: Nature’s peanut butter and jelly

Guest author Susie Hill, Frederick County Master GardenerThis post originally appeared in the Frederick News-Post “Ahhhhh!” The sound waves of a bloodcurdling scream bent corners and penetrated the chestnut logs of my house. Up two flights of stairs and many…

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