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Q&A: What’s causing a line of holes on my tree trunk?

Q: A couple of my mature trees have developed holes in their bark over the years. Interestingly, they’re in a fairly even pattern, running up and down or horizontally across the trunk. Do you know what’s causing it and should…

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Q&A: Can you recommend plants that provide food for birds?

Q: This summer’s mysterious bird illness has me thinking…I’ve become more interested in birds during the past two years and would like to attract them to my yard with plants. Are there favored recommendations? A: Bird-attracting landscaping definitely beats out…

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June Maryland Wildlife – The Garden Thyme Podcast

Listen to podcast Hello Listener,  In this month episode we are speaking with Kerry Wixted, Education and Outreach Specialist for Maryland DNR about Maryland wildlife.   Did you know we have native rattle snake in Maryland?  Learn why possum are…

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Hummingbirds Add Grace to the Garden

Hummingbird on feeder

In a few weeks, they will return; flashes of emerald green winging their way through our gardens. The hummingbirds will be back. Around April 15, hummingbirds return from their winter digs.  Weighing about the same as a dime, they pack…

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Dead Trees “Snag” Lofty Praise as Habitat

Chad Hanson, a University of California-Davis researcher and Sierra Club board member observes, “We are trapped by an outdated cultural idea that a healthy forest is one with nothing but green trees. An ecologically healthy forest has dead trees, broken…

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Eastern Worm Snake – Featured Video

One of these small snakes found its way into my house and then parts of it found their way into my cat’s belly two nights ago, so I was inspired to share our short video profiling the eastern worm snake…

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Deer: Stay Out of My Garden!

Q: I had great plans for my vegetable garden last year, but it was overrun with deer. They nibbled my seedlings down to the ground and ate my tomatoes. What can I plant this year that these varmints won’t eat?…

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