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Starting a compost pile and planting cover crops – winding down the vegetable garden for the year

Bin with waste inside

After a fun year of building support structures and growing really long squash, it was time to wind down the garden. Our first baby was born (thank you, thank you), and we had no further bandwidth or ambition to continue…

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Lawn and Garden Tips and Tricks for November

Lawns Typically, November is too late to broadcast lawn seed and expect it to survive the winter. Consider waiting until early spring. This is still a good time to control wild garlic, clover, ground ivy, chickweed, and other difficult weeds…

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Farewell Fall

Guest post by Kurt Jacobson On my morning dog walk the grass was frosted silver from last night’s cold temperature. The parsley and other herbs seemed to hang on through the punishing cold but soon they too will succumb to…

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Compost, The Grow It Part

What a great lead in Nancy Taylor Robinson gave me with her sentence “And it all started with a lowly gift from the compost,”  In Nancy’s case, it was her cheese pumpkins.  In my case, it’s the black gold that…

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Blessings from The Compost Pile

Squash vines spreading out from the compost pile I love compost. I do. It’s rich, dark, earthy-smelling and gives me a sense of being part of the cycle of life. It’s a great addition to the garden beds, but it’s…

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Monticello Heritage Harvest Festival: my experience

Monticello’s vegetable garden A couple of weeks ago I went to the Heritage Harvest Festival at Monticello, an annual event that I was attending for the fourth time (2009-2011, missed last year). It’s a fun event in a beautiful setting,…

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Let’s Celebrate Worms

From May 6 to May 12, it is the International Compost Aware Week.In the spirit of composting, let’s celebrate worms and the job they do!  Good things come in small packages. It came with instructions There they are, a…

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