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Indoor lighting options: terms, types, and measurements

This is the third in our four-part series of articles about indoor lighting for plants. You can read the previous two articles here and here. Artificial light sources come in several forms, all relatively easy to acquire. Costs can vary…

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Houseplants – The Garden Thyme Podcast

Happy New Year! It is hard to believe that we are already in a new year. We are kicking off our third season by sitting down with Extension Educator Ginny Rosenkranz. Like many of you, during the pandemic our acquisition…

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Why light levels are important for indoor plant growth

Typically, insufficient lighting is the limiting factor for indoor plant growth and flowering, plus the reason for spindly seedlings. Most light fixtures in our homes and offices – especially those still using incandescent bulbs or those with energy-saving bulbs that…

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Norfolk pine is a charming Christmas tree

Uh oh. You need a last-minute gift or a tiny tree to brighten a corner of your holiday home. Here comes a Norfolk pine to the rescue. Whew. That was close. Looking like miniature Christmas trees, Norfolk pines pop up at garden centers and…

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An introduction to gardening under lights

This is a series about the ins and outs of gardening under lights, both for newcomers curious about a different way to grow plants and for more experienced growers who want to build on their understanding of lighting options. Why…

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Christmas cacti make lovely gifts and décor

Christmas cactus

Christmas cactus are popping up everywhere. They’re lovely living gifts that enliven holiday décor and add beauty year-round. If you like floral irony, this is your plant. Even though they are fleshy succulents, they originated not in arid regions but in the…

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Orchid Care: Consistency Is Key

My love affair with orchids began in college. It was the winter of 2007 while in Belize for a winter semester class “Tropical Agriculture, Conservation, and Ecosystems.” Sitting along the tranquil headwaters of the Bladen River, our guide detailed the…

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