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Featured Video: Mushrooms and Trees’ Symbiotic Relationship

David Clement, Ph.D. Extension Specialist, Plant Pathology, explains how fungi grow and feed on tree roots under the ground and sprout above ground as mushrooms. Visit the Home & Garden Information Center website to learn more about Wood Rots and…

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Featured Video: Choosing and Caring for Flowering Houseplants

Thinking of giving a houseplant as a gift?  Take a look at this quick rundown of some popular flowering choices available at your local nursery. More info on houseplants

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Featured Video: Orchid Care

Dave Clement details how to effectively care for your orchid houseplants. Read more about orchid care. Dr. Dave Clement, Principal Agent, University of Maryland Extension, Home & Garden Information Center

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Featured Video: Soil Testing

Director of the Home & Garden Information Center, Jon Traunfeld, demonstrates how easy it is to collect and send a soil sample to a lab to be tested. View on YouTube

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Featured Video: How to Plant Garlic

Garlic is a cool-season crop. Now through November is a great time to plant your cloves of garlic. Take a look and see how easy it is to start a crop of garlic. Purchase certified, disease-free garlic bulbs from a…

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Featured Video: Grow Your Best Basil: Easy Care for Basil Plants

Take a look at this great video we found from the UMD Institute of Applied Agriculture walking you through simple steps to get more and better basil.

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