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These Wasps Are Not Social Distancing!

Wasps are some of the most highly disliked insects and are often all linked together with bees as being “bad”. When my co-workers and I led a group of elementary school children on a bee lesson, our very first question…

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Hidden Garden Party: Who’s Eating Whom?

Who loves a party? I know I do, especially a summer BBQ with all the family favorites! Insects are no exception and really know how to have some fun. Pictured above is a party of aphids, which are tiny little…

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Carpenter Bees Are Native Pollinators

A sure sign of spring is the emergence of carpenter bees. Have you seen the perfectly circular small holes that these bees chew into wood? I mean honestly, I have trouble drawing a perfect circle freehand, much less chewing one!  …

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Ground Beetles are Beneficial in Your Garden

A few months ago, my daughter was gifted The Bug Book, by Sue Fliess. It highlights many insects and has wonderful, very detailed pictures, with few words, which makes my bug-loving 4-year-old quite happy. It quickly became one of our…

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Let Spiders Help in Your Vegetable Garden

A few years ago during the early spring, my brother, mother, and I noticed several quarter-sized, brownish-colored egg cases in our high tunnel. Our research taught us they were gifts from black and yellow garden spiders, Argiope aurantia. These spiders…

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