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Garden Thyme Podcast – Scary Plants #2

It’s hard to believe that our little podcast is a whole-year-old this month. Thank you all for your support. Since Halloween is a favorite holiday of ours here is a mini-episode with three more spooky scary plants. Thank you all…

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Carve out some time to winterize your garden


Fall is a time, “when every leaf is a flower,” said writer Albert Camus.  How true.  It’s easy to get caught up in the razzle-dazzle of red, gold, purple, green, and brown, isn’t it?   As gardeners though, we need to…

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Pine Trees: Browning Foliage and Pine Cones – Featured Video

David Clement, Extension Specialist and Plant Pathologist, explains two common concerns homeowners have with their pine trees in the fall season: browning foliage and “what are these growths?” (hint: they’re just pine cones).

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