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The Elusive Fig

Fig questions have been pouring into the Home & Garden Information Center’s Ask an Expert service this fall. One reason for this, I think, is that most of Maryland’s fig trees were not “killed to the ground” during the relatively…

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I Dig Sweet Potatoes!

It’s easy to forget about sweet potato plants. Once established and mulched they don’t require much from a gardener. They quickly carpet their allotted space, have few leaf and stem problems (see small holes from tortoise beetle feeding in photo…

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Tomato problems? You’re not alone!

We are at the peak of tomato harvesting and enjoyment time in Maryland. But many gardeners are unhappy, to varying degrees, with the quantity and quality of the fruits of their labor. Those tomatoes we waited so patiently for may…

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Steps to prevent and manage tomato leaf spot diseases

Irregular lesions with a yellow halo and target pattern are

We wait what seems like a long time before the first garden tomatoes start to ripen. This is especially true if you grew them indoors first from seed to transplant stage. Invariably, our tomato plants will face seasonal challenges, such…

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Here grow the cover crops

I love seeing the early April greening of my fall-planted cover crops. I’m happy knowing that the rye, crimson clover, and hairy vetch plants (about 8-inches high right now) perform multiple functions: add organic matter, nitrogen fixation, improve soil structure,…

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What did we learn? Tips and highlights from 2014 Grow100 – 4-Rs Gardening and New to Gardening categories

I was impressed by the ingenuity, determination, and gardening skill of the contestants. Here are some of the highlights from two of the three categories:4-Rs Gardening (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink) Laura Gillen built a cold frame from recycled materials, depends…

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What did we learn? Tips and highlights from 2014 Grow100 – Maximum Production Category

Now that the Grow100 competition is complete and our winners have been congratulated, we wanted to take a moment and highlight some other great gardens that were sent in.  The following are highlights from those participating in the Maximum Production…

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