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Blueberry success is all in the soil

Blueberries on the vine

Farmers and gardeners learn much by daily tending soils and plants. But the winter “off-season” affords us time to dig deeper into topics of interest and learn from co-cultivators and experts in the field. I spent some time in a…

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Cool-Season Vegetables: First, Fresh, Foods from the Garden

Erica got us all thinking about spring crops in December and her New Year’s Day article made me feel hopeful and excited about growing food in 2021. So let’s get this season started as soon as possible with cool-season crops….

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Food gardening between growing seasons

Late fall feels like a bridge between growing seasons. Walking in my garden I love to feel the earth and see the big and small day-to-day changes. I also think about the ups and downs of the 2020 growing season…

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New Vegetable Gardeners Face Old Problems

“What’s that bug doing on my bean plants”? “Should I be worried by these droopy leaves”? “Help – the lower leaves on my container tomato plants are turning yellow. What should I do?” HGIC is receiving many questions from first-time…

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Tomato Tips 2020

Your tomato plants survived the spring’s extreme and variable weather and are now dark-green, vigorous, and full of promise. You may have even started picking a few ripe fruits of early-maturing cultivars, especially if you garden on the Eastern Shore…

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Vegetable plants to gardener: “feed me and I’ll feed you”

You’re getting ready to plant vegetable seeds and transplants for the first time and trying to make sense of the conflicting advice you’ve been getting from HGIC, a neighbor, and your brother-in-law. You want to grow your vegetables organically but…

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Hey new vegetable gardener: some things you can expect…

Welcome to the ranks of Maryland food gardeners. We live in every zip code and grow food in buckets on rooftops, in community garden plots, in front and back yards, and in large rural gardens. Rest assured, you will sweat…

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