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DIY garden structures with materials you have on hand

Vegetable garden with gate

I had a lot of goals for improving my garden since last year’s adventure which meant new things to build! However, with the current prices of lumber and materials, plus my only basic carpentry skills, I didn’t want to go…

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Deer: Stay Out of My Garden!

Q: I had great plans for my vegetable garden last year, but it was overrun with deer. They nibbled my seedlings down to the ground and ate my tomatoes. What can I plant this year that these varmints won’t eat?…

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Monthly Tips for October

Ornamental Plants Mums that are planted this late should be treated as an annual. They will not become established over the winter. Fall-planted asters, however, will become established. Ornamental kale and cabbage produce a nice show of foliage but usually…

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Fishing line deer fence update

This is a 3-year follow-up to my July 1 and July 9 posts from 2010, where I described a simple “fishing line” deer fence I made with five runs of monofilament line that proved a failure. But I liked its…

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Tomato Patch: Unlikely helpers for cleaning it up

Little Buck browses on trashed tomato vines Frost wiped out the Tomato Patch Saturday morning.  Suddenly tomato leaves hung on their vines like limp dish rags—if you’re old enough to remember what they were, literally—and green fruit littered the ground….

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Deer Country: How cute, but what will it eat?

How cute—a fawn napping in a sunspot in our woods! Two springs ago I surprised a spotted fawn—or did it surprise me?—as it drank from our spring-fed stream.  I was armed with tree trimmings destined for our woodland compost pile,…

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Deer Country: Pawpaw, a native, deer-resistant fruit tree

Would your landscape benefit from a native, nearly pest-free, fruit tree that deer don’t eat and which produces delectable, custardy fruit and grows well in relatively small, shaded  spaces—but stinks? In her “A Cook’s Garden” column, “Return of the native?…

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