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Ask an Expert: Is This Blossom End Rot on My Tomatoes?

Q: I think this is blossom end rot on a tomato. Could you take a look and let me know your thoughts and a solution to the problem? A: While this symptom indeed looks very similar to that of blossom…

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Steps to prevent and manage tomato leaf spot diseases

Irregular lesions with a yellow halo and target pattern are

We wait what seems like a long time before the first garden tomatoes start to ripen. This is especially true if you grew them indoors first from seed to transplant stage. Invariably, our tomato plants will face seasonal challenges, such…

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Protecting tomatoes against the cold

A picture worth at least a few words, which are: we are still expecting some cold nights coming up, so if you have tomatoes in the ground or are putting them in soon, give them some protection! I couldn’t wait…

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Tobacco hornworms and parasitic wasps

You may have seen damage on your tomato plants from tomato or tobacco hornworm caterpillars, and may also have come across hornworms parasitized by braconid wasps, with white cocoons like grains of rice attached to their backs. I wanted to…

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In conjunction with this Saturday’s Grow It Eat It Garden Event and the tomato tasting, here’s something you can do with some of the tomatoes once they’re harvested. Brought in from the rather slow garden some Siberian tomatoes yesterday. I…

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Early Tomatoes

  Anemic-looking tomato plants in greenhouse I wouldn’t have done it without some kind of protection, but last weekend, I started planting tomatoes in the garden. I’m three weeks late – at least by my own gardening calendar.  Here on…

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Monticello Heritage Harvest Festival: my experience

Monticello’s vegetable garden A couple of weeks ago I went to the Heritage Harvest Festival at Monticello, an annual event that I was attending for the fourth time (2009-2011, missed last year). It’s a fun event in a beautiful setting,…

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