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Vegetable garden successes

One of the joys of this otherwise largely depressing year has been hearing the stories of first-time vegetable gardeners who took the step of growing some of their own food due to economic insecurity, extra time on their hands, a…

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Karifurore or Fioretto cauliflower

You know how sometimes you just – quick! snap a photo, and then it takes you down a rabbit hole? I was recently in a market in Fuling, China (that was the big trip I posted about preparing for last…

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Cauliflower couscous, stuffed pumpkin, and other Thanksgiving yums

Happy day after Thanksgiving, all! The weather is so nice here that I hope all you gardeners are calling it Green Friday and getting out there to finish up fall chores. I cooked up a storm for Thanksgiving (not literally,…

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