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Vegetable garden successes

One of the joys of this otherwise largely depressing year has been hearing the stories of first-time vegetable gardeners who took the step of growing some of their own food due to economic insecurity, extra time on their hands, a…

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Wonderful Fall Vegetables

We’ve had a warm and wonderful fall season this year,  Everything in my garden is still growing and will continue to produce fresh table fare until we get a couple of hard freezes.  I’m eating spinach and arugula salads every…

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Why I Love Fall Gardening

I love fall gardening, especially after the dry, hot months of August and September.  Most of the bugs of summer are long gone, although I’m still spraying BT for imported cabbage worm larva and hand picking Harlequin bugs.  The hard…

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Turnip jack-o-lantern!

Got any big gnarly turnips hanging out in your garden, or have you discovered one at the farmer’s market? Tired of carving pumpkins for Halloween? Historically minded? You may want to try a turnip jack-o-lantern! Before pumpkins became the thing…

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Turnips for The Year of the Root Crop (And Beyond)

First, the confession: I didn’t grow them, but I’m eating them like crazy. I get turnips (and carrots and more) from our friend, Theresa Mycek, the grower/manager of Colchester CSA, who lives just down the road and grows a fabulous…

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My Turn at Turnips

Turnips in the garden always seemed like so much trouble to me. At planting time I tended to lose sight of those dark shiny seeds in the soil, plant them too thickly, then spend the next month or so on…

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