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What can you start from seed in February?

I hope all of you are busy planning your vegetable gardens and getting those seeds ordered! If you haven’t purchased seeds yet, now is the time. A lot of seed companies are experiencing larger than usual interest and several have…

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The Brassica Bridge

I’ve just passed through that brief period of summer that I call the Brassica Bridge – the time when I’m still harvesting cabbage family plants from the garden and also starting new seedlings for the fall. “Bridge” is pure alliteration,…

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Eat your greens – ALL of them!

They’re good for you, and you don’t want to waste food, do you? Now sit down and… Sorry. The mom in me got a little out of hand there. But we’re in the middle of greens harvesting season, and I…

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Thank Goodness for Daylight Savings Time

I may have jumped the gun (warm weather) a little bit, but yesterday was so pleasant that I thought I would do some planting.  I’ve had broccoli, cabbage, choi, lettuce and tatsoi hardening off in my cold frames and they looked…

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Cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day

Well, I’m not harvesting it (or eating it, unless I get some shopping in before dinner), but I am going to show off my lovely seedlings: which are out in the cold frame enjoying the sunshine and battening down for…

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It’s Napa Time

Napa cabbage is a great fall vegetable in Maryland. My cousins have a community garden plot where they grew a beautiful crop they will store and use in soups, stir fries, and slaws. These babies started out as purchased plants…

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