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Vegetable garden planning: what doesn’t start from seeds

As you’re planning your vegetable garden for this year, you’re probably thinking seeds, seeds, seeds. But not everything in the garden needs to begin with seeds. In some cases, plants started by someone else are a convenient or even economical…

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Starting Vegetable Seeds Under Fluorescent Lights

Well,  all of my vegetable seed orders have been placed and the seeds are on their way.  Now, all I have to do is check my fluorescent lights in the basement, get a bale of seed starting mix and make…

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Onions and Leeks

    Well, my onion order finally arrived last week and while I’m getting a late start on planting my onions, I’m sure I’ll have a good crop.  I ordered three different long day varieties, red zeppelin, yellow sweet Spanish and copra. …

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Blanching The Leeks

Two pots of leeks, one blanched with straw the second waiting  Well, looks like we finally have spring – or maybe early summer – so I’m hauling the cool weather greens that I started in the greenhouse in and out…

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When does a root vegetable slip through the cracks?

When it’s a leek. *crickets chirp*  Okay, not a great joke.  But seriously, do we include leeks in our Year of the Root Vegetable?  They do belong to the onion family, many of which have bulbs that we consume and…

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Damrosch: Europe Plugs Its Own Leeks

Mention leeks in a conversation and many Americans think plumber. But in Europe, leeks are a time-honored garden favorite.Leeks, though, are part of a growing political controversy in the European Union, where historic, open-pollinated varieties are being edged out by…

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