Maryland Grows


Wonderful Fall Vegetables

We’ve had a warm and wonderful fall season this year,  Everything in my garden is still growing and will continue to produce fresh table fare until we get a couple of hard freezes.  I’m eating spinach and arugula salads every…

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The Brassica Bridge

I’ve just passed through that brief period of summer that I call the Brassica Bridge – the time when I’m still harvesting cabbage family plants from the garden and also starting new seedlings for the fall. “Bridge” is pure alliteration,…

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Something else to do with brussels sprouts

Another in the series of “hey, I made a thing” posts – in other words, recipes, but that sounds too formal for those use-up-stuff-in-the-fridge meals. What I had was a) brussels sprouts, and b) grated celeriac, left over from making…

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Try this yummy holiday slaw

Looking for a delightful slaw—slightly different—for a holiday potluck or feast? Look no farther! The Food section of the Washington Post recently included a yummy recipe for what I’ll call “Holiday Slaw.” Unlike most slaws, this one is served at…

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