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Why I Love Fall Gardening

I love fall gardening, especially after the dry, hot months of August and September.  Most of the bugs of summer are long gone, although I’m still spraying BT for imported cabbage worm larva and hand picking Harlequin bugs.  The hard…

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Kitchen adventures: squash and beets

I recently came into possession of a Very Large Squash (one of the zucchetta rampicante or tromboncino tribe, which get enormous but stay tender) and naturally decided that I was going to make ridiculous amounts of zucchini bread and freeze…

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Beets, A Great Twofer Vegetable

What a great way to transition from the year of the leafy greens to the year of the root vegetable but to start the year off with a twofer vegetable like beets.  When growing beets, you get tasty greens which…

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