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Mix It Up! Perennial Vegetables

Asparagus growing

Most of us plan our gardens each year with abundant annual vegetables to harvest and enjoy. There are, however, several perennial vegetables you may want to consider adding to the mix, some familiar and others, perhaps, less so. Perennial vegetables…

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Vegetable garden planning: what doesn’t start from seeds

As you’re planning your vegetable garden for this year, you’re probably thinking seeds, seeds, seeds. But not everything in the garden needs to begin with seeds. In some cases, plants started by someone else are a convenient or even economical…

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Spring AND late summer asparagus

Here’s a neat trick for spreading out your asparagus harvest. In half of your planting, cut emerging spears in spring as you normally do. In the other half, allow the spears to grow into ferns and cut them in late…

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Sexism in the asparagus patch

I wanted to show you a photo of stink bugs sucking on my asparagus berries, but I didn’t get around to taking it in time, and now the bugs are not cooperating (they are all trying to get into my…

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Asparagus Is Up

Asparagus season is upon us! I noticed the first stalk tops emerge just a week ago and now it’s a lovely counting game as the number of spears increases daily. I planted my first asparagus bed ten years ago, and…

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I love asparagus!

There’s nothing better than asparagus fresh from the garden! We harvested our first spears this morning and roasted them in the oven for lunch.For a real treat, toss spears with a little olive oil, sprinkle with coarse salt, add freshly…

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