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The year without a blueberry

Every year in the garden seems to teach a lesson about how things change. This year, I’ve been disappointed in my blueberries. I wrote a post a few years ago about my blueberries and how I always manage to harvest…

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The mystery of the birdless blueberries

Some day I would like to have a well-built blueberry cage (like Kent’s) to grow many bushes in protected conditions.  For now, however, what I have is three bushes (with a fourth coming along) that are part of my landscaping…

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Awesome (really!) Video about Pollinators

If you’ve ever wanted to see pollinators at work, up close, photographer Louie Schwartzberg produced a video that gave me a new appreciation of hummingbirds, bees, bats and butterflies. The Hidden Beauty of Pollination, a TED talk, is 7 minutes…

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Free concert at Meadow Glenn

The morning concert here at Meadow Glenn is as good as that given by any high-school chorus. The school chorus, however, would have one advantage—number of participants. The concert in our yard is presented by one vocalist—a Gray Catbird. The…

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Solution for your summertime blues

Got the summertime gardening blues? No, not the blues from the 90°+ heat and the 85% humidity—but having too many blueberries. Howard County Master Gardener Deborah Patton and her husband, Jim Akers, get so many blueberries from their three plants…

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Kent’s blueberry cage

Some people like to keep birds in cages. Kent Phillips, a Master Gardener in Howard County, likes to keep birds out of his cage. Each June, Kent and two helpers assemble a 10’ high by 10’ wide by 60’ long…

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