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Seed starting and soil testing: a Master Gardener outlines his spring gardening progress

In mid-February, I started my Gypsy, Monty, and Green Magic broccoli, Snow Crown cauliflower, Lacinato kale, several types of lettuce, and some Big Blue salvia. Italian flat-leaf parsley was started in mid-January. Most of these transplants will be planted in…

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Building healthy soil is the key to healthy plants

Healthy soil grows healthy plants.  If you want a vigorous, productive garden, protect and improve your soil. Soil is made up of minerals, air, water, and organic matter.  This skin of the Earth anchors and grows our food, filters our…

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The Garden Hoes Podcast Episode 06 Part 2 – Gardening with Children

Listen to this episode If you’re teleworking like we are, keeping the little ones entertained while getting everything checked off on your weekly “to do” list can seem impossible. In this special edition, we explore all the fun ways you…

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The Garden Hoes Podcast Episode 06 PART 1 – Soil Health and planting trees

Listen to this episode Hello Listener, We hope you and your family are safe during this difficult time. Our April episode ended up being rather lengthy, so we decided to turn it into two episodes. So this month you will…

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Starting Seedlings – The Garden Hoes Podcast #5

In this episode, The Garden Hoes talk about: Soil testing, spring lawn care (~5:20) Starting seedlings (~ 9:00) Bug of the Month: Bumblebees (~25:00) Native Plant of the Month: Red Maple (~32:00) Garden Tip of the Month: Vegetable garden prep…

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