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Cicada damage: how to prune twigs – Featured Video

Now that the Brood X cicadas are finally silent, you likely have noticed flagging branches on certain trees eggs were laid in. Take a look at this video explaining maintenance you may want to do on these twigs.

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Berries, birds, and cicadas in 2021

For me, at least, it’s been a bumper year for berries. In some years, I harvest only sparsely from the various fruit plantings in my landscape. Black raspberries, in particular, get snatched by birds before I can get to them….

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Magi-Cicadas: exceeding decibel limits! Featured Video

In the morning, the drone of the cicada chorus precedes the harmony of the songbirds. The loudest of the three species, Magicicada cassinii, is one of the smallest and is all black. Their harmless, feeding results in cicada pee dropping…

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