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Berries, birds, and cicadas in 2021

For me, at least, it’s been a bumper year for berries. In some years, I harvest only sparsely from the various fruit plantings in my landscape. Black raspberries, in particular, get snatched by birds before I can get to them….

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Blueberry success is all in the soil

Blueberries on the vine

Farmers and gardeners learn much by daily tending soils and plants. But the winter “off-season” affords us time to dig deeper into topics of interest and learn from co-cultivators and experts in the field. I spent some time in a…

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The year without a blueberry

Every year in the garden seems to teach a lesson about how things change. This year, I’ve been disappointed in my blueberries. I wrote a post a few years ago about my blueberries and how I always manage to harvest…

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Pruning Blueberries

Despite all of the snow and rain we got yesterday, it’s that time of year to start thinking about pruning your blueberries.  I could write several long paragraphs showing before and after slides, but that really wouldn’t explain all of…

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Blueberry pizza

Oh yes.  You read that right. There comes that time in the blueberry season when (even with just our few bushes) we’ve picked enough and eaten enough that “by the handful” or “on the cereal” starts to get a little…

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The mystery of the birdless blueberries

Some day I would like to have a well-built blueberry cage (like Kent’s) to grow many bushes in protected conditions.  For now, however, what I have is three bushes (with a fourth coming along) that are part of my landscaping…

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Peas and blueberries

This has been a perfect spring for peas.  Or as close as we get around here, anyway.  Okay, the peas I planted at the demo garden dried up in the April drought, but at home I’ve had a bumper crop…

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