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Plants not behaving as expected: vegetable garden edition

Two of the vegetable crops I grew this year are known for loving the heat: okra and eggplant. I grow eggplant in pots on my deck, to avoid flea beetle infestation, and okra directly in the ground in my community…

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Garden update: beans, eggplant, chard

This has been a tough year for bean-growing, at least around these parts; both the Derwood Demo Garden and my community garden have seen large populations of Mexican bean beetles, as well as hungry rabbits.

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A Swede By Any Other Name

A Master Gardener friend who recently traveled to the UK brought me back a packet of seeds. Specifically, ‘Gowrie’ rutabaga seeds from a company called Mr. Fothergill’s. Except because these are British seeds, they’re not called rutabaga, they’re called swede….

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Fried Eggplant

I had an abundance of eggplant which I brought to the beach with me.  (I’m on the “Catch It Eat It” part of my permanent vacation from work.) So last night, I treated my daughter, son-in-law and grandsons to my mother’s…

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Eggplant Protection

In my view, the two keys to eggplant success in home gardens are strong, early plant growth and protection from pesky flea beetles. If flea beetles find your plants AND the plants are weak, you will be buying local eggplant…

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