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Inadvertently Dwarf Okra

We planted three varieties of okra at the Derwood Demo Garden this year.  One of them, Little Lucy, is meant to be dwarf, but the other two, Clemson and Red Burgundy, should be 3 to 4 feet high by now,…

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Especially for okra lovers

Chef Michael Kiss, the cooking coach at Whole Foods in Rockville, Md., claims “Stewed Okra” made him an okra lover. He serves it as a side dish or over rice.  The ingredients are simple: fresh okra and cherry tomatoes. Extra…

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Harvesting okra

It’s a beautiful, early Saturday morning. Join me as I harvest some okra, won’t you? I have never grown okra before, so when a friend asked me how to harvest it, I had to do some research. I’m glad that…

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