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Winter is for garden planning

It’s time to plan the 2020 vegetable garden! Or at least time to start thinking about it. Times have changed – I used to be thrilled when a seed catalog showed up before Christmas, and now it’s “What? The first…

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Succession planting in practice

All of our GIEI friends contributing to the Grow100 Challenge¬†know what it’s like to try to fit your gardening dreams into a limited space (and so does Joe Yonan, who had a nice article about his front-yard garden in the…

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How to succeed at succession

I’m teaching a class this Saturday on intensive vegetable gardening (at Montgomery College, Germantown; I think you can still register for it if you want to, as well as for the excellent classes continuing the Suburban Gardener series, on container…

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Succession planting

A couple of days ago, I blogged about digging up my spring potatoes with my grandsons. Well, I didn’t want 40 feet of raised bed to lay fallow, so today I put in my second planting of “Early White Vienna”…

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