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Winter is for garden planning

It’s time to plan the 2020 vegetable garden! Or at least time to start thinking about it. Times have changed – I used to be thrilled when a seed catalog showed up before Christmas, and now it’s “What? The first…

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How to Choose a Seed Catalog

Like holiday decorations, seed catalogs seem to arrive earlier every year. They bring a bit of color and freshness into a cold and often dreary season, and winter gives us the perfect chance to sit down and plan next year’s…

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Time to Make Garden Plans

It’s time to remember all the things you said last fall that you were going to grow next year.  That is BEFORE you start ordering seeds and transplants.  Every fall as I’m taking my garden down, I start making mental…

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Links of interest for January

More vegetable-related links to entertain you on cold winter days. In no particular order. From Jane Brody and the New York Times: doctors are now prescribing vegetables, not pills. If you happen to be visiting Italy, maybe you can get…

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What to look for in a seed catalog

Ah, the blank slate of the spring garden! It’s cold outside, more snow is on its way, and spring planting is just a dream. But the seed catalogs are here, so dreaming is the right thing to do… and then,…

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