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Pawpaws: The Tropical Fruit From Our Forests

Spring is almost here and now we can start thinking about trees to plant if we did not get to that in the fall. Thinking about trees for my garden, I came back to one I have been considering for…

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Plant Love & Compatibility: A Valentine’s Tribute to Pollination

February is Valentine’s month, but also that of starting to feel impatient about gardening and all the yummy veggies and fruits that will come through the season. Those two things (Valentine’s, and fruits and veggies) are actually really connected, and…

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Please Pass the Cranberry Sauce and Give Thanks for Pollination

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with loved ones and usually involves first preparing and then ingesting a lot of delicious goodies. Each family has recipes and traditions related to Thanksgiving, and even foreigners (like myself) may join in and…

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Like Figs? Thank a Wasp!

Last month I wrote about wasps as generalist pollinators (The Buzz on Pollination is Not All About Bees: Wasps Are Pollinators Too!). Today, let’s look at a very specialized type of wasp and its role in pollinating fruit. Do you…

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Heirloom or Hybrid: What’s in My Seed Packet?

Selecting new seeds to buy each year is an exciting activity. Whether choosing vegetables or flowers, there is more to our selection process than falling for a pretty picture. Does it matter if the seed is an open-pollinated variety or…

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