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Frightfully fun jack-o’-lantern lore

Spooky or silly?  How do you carve your jack-o’-lantern? Whether you go for fun or fright, jack-o’-lantern carving is a family-friendly way to mark the season. Have you ever wondered how the tradition got started? As with much folklore, it…

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Garden Thyme Podcast – Scary Plants #2

It’s hard to believe that our little podcast is a whole-year-old this month. Thank you all for your support. Since Halloween is a favorite holiday of ours here is a mini-episode with three more spooky scary plants. Thank you all…

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The Vegetable for Flower Lovers

It may seem hard to believe, but there are gardeners who can’t be bothered with vegetables. For a vegetable lover such as myself, every vegetable is interesting and unique, but one this year has stood out – for its flower!…

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The trellises are filling up fast in the demo garden, and this cattle panel arch is one of the most impressive.  On it we’re growing cucuzzi gourds (Lagenaria siceraria) which I just had to have after admiring them at Monticello…

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Vegetable serpent

My neighbor loves to try new plants, no matter how weird or difficult to grow in our area. This is a cucuzzi gourd from his garden. He harvested one fruit that was 4.5 ft. long! One gourd can feed our…

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