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Backyard Chickens – The Garden Thyme Podcast – March 2021

A rooster

 In this episode, we are joined by the University of Maryland Extension Poultry Specialist Jon Moyle. We invited Jon to give the cockadoddledoo details on raising backyard chickens. Jon covers information such as basic chicken biology, basic needs, and protocol…

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The Prodigal Master Gardener Returns….

Hello, Everyone! I hope that some of you remember me. I fell off the master gardener scene because life got in the way for a bit and I had to let some things go. But I’ve never stopped growing food….

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Stink bug solutions?

Well, maybe not yet, and maybe not for everyone, but here are two messages of hope. This Baltimore Sun article discusses the parasitic wasps now being studied to kill brown marmorated stink bugs.  If the studies indicate that these wasps…

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Synergize Your Garden

I believe that a great addition to a garden is CHICKENS! A few laying hens can form a symbiotic relationship with your garden and family in the following ways. Vegetables and eggs go together in all kinds of recipes. Try…

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