Backyard Chickens – The Garden Thyme Podcast – March 2021

 In this episode, we are joined by the University of Maryland Extension Poultry Specialist Jon Moyle. We invited Jon to give the cockadoddledoo details on raising backyard chickens. Jon covers information such as basic chicken biology, basic needs, and protocol for keeping poultry at home. More importantly, Jon discusses important facts homeowners should consider before taking on their own flock. To learn more about backyard flocks, visit the University of Maryland Extension Small Flock Production website. To register your flock through the Maryland Department of Agriculture click here. You can signup for Jon Backyard program here.

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Rooster photo caption: Photo credit (Jon Moyle): Thor was a Light Brown Leghorn.  He was proud of his ability to protect his flock of hens, (I have the scars to prove it) and he met his demise to a raptor (he think it was an eagle but may have been a hawk). 


  • Native Plant of the Month (Spicebush- Lindera benzoin) at ~30:55
  • Bug of the Month (Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle) at ~35:50
  • Garden Tips of the Month at ~38:30

We hope you enjoyed this month’s episode and will tune in next month for more garden tips. 

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