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Multi-colored Asian Lady Beetles Are Also Known as Halloween Beetles

To keep in the spirit of Halloween, I wanted to talk about a beneficial insect with orange and black coloration. The first to come to mind is the multi-colored Asian lady beetle, Harmonia axyridis. Both the coloration and the timing…

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Plant for Pollinators: 9 Ways to Attract and Help Pollinators in Your Garden and Yard

Pollinators of all types – insects, birds, and bats – are in decline due to habitat loss, pesticide use, and diseases. Insects – including Maryland’s 400 species of native bees – provide valuable pollination and a food source for wildlife….

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Are Stink Bugs Bugging You? Are Wasps the Solution?

Summary: Learn how University of Maryland researchers and University of Maryland Extension (UME) Master Gardeners collaborate on research to reduce brown marmorated stink bug populations in Maryland. Project Stink-be-Gone, by Rebeccah Waterworth As temperatures cool, many of you probably have…

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I Lost a Caterpillar in my Car

Guest post by Susie Hill, Frederick County Master Gardener and former HGIC Horticulture Consultant. This article originally appeared in the Frederick News-Post. “My mom threw your caterpillar in the grass when you weren’t looking.” Ella’s gargantuan blue eyes got even…

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Hummingbirds and spiders: Nature’s peanut butter and jelly

Guest author Susie Hill, Frederick County Master GardenerThis post originally appeared in the Frederick News-Post “Ahhhhh!” The sound waves of a bloodcurdling scream bent corners and penetrated the chestnut logs of my house. Up two flights of stairs and many…

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