Nasty weed, Jack-in-the-pulpit look-a-like: Pinellia ternata – Featured Video

Wish this enemy on no one because at the professional gardens they discard the contaminated weedy soil. Or they have resorted to sifting the soil to remove the corms. It is a bad weed. And solarization does not outlast the corms’ durability!

By Joyce Browning, Harford County Master Gardener. Follow on Harford County Master Gardeners on Facebook

5 Comments on “Nasty weed, Jack-in-the-pulpit look-a-like: Pinellia ternata – Featured Video

  1. I definitely have this! I think it was a hitchhiker on a plant given by a friend. I now realize I’m leaving the corms behind when I pull them. Ugh. I’ll have to be more exacting when I weed these guys.


  2. I haven’t seen this in my gardens yet but, what I do have is a horrible invasive plant called Chameleon Plant or Houttuynia Cordata. The only way to kill it is by spraying with glyphosate…50% strength. Get this, I’ve seen it for sale at garden centers as a groundcover!


  3. My sad invader is morning glory. Who knew that anything could seed itself so copiously! BTW, these videos are outstanding! Driving over the roots? Cruel, but effective!


  4. I discovered this 5 or 6 years ago and it took awhile before it was identified. I had a large patch (36″x40″?) but but I dug the entire section out and bagged it. I’ve since been relentlessly trying to dig it out as soon I as see it…and the garlic-like corm at the end must be removed or it’ll keep multiplying. It’s also in my pachysandra which makes it even more difficult to pull…ugh! I also make sure I don’t take any plants or soil from the area so I don’t unintentionally spread it to another section of the garden.


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