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Baltimore County MG Year of the Tomato Update

Guest post by Angie Goodman, describing yet another wonderful tomato tasting! Baltimore County Master Gardeners2016 Year of the Tomato Let me set the stage for you: It is 8:59 am on the morning of the 2015 Baltimore County Master Gardener…

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Don’t forget you can pick tomatoes ahead of full ripeness!

One of the most frustrating gardening experiences is watching a beautiful big tomato get close to ripeness and then – just when it’s reached peak eating stage – finding that something has ruined it. There’s a persistently repeated myth out…

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Another (smaller) tomato tasting, suggestions for having your own, and a few notes on the season so far

The MGs at the Derwood demo garden have our own tomato tasting on a Tuesday in August, just for those gardeners who show up on that workday. It’s not as big an organizational challenge, or as formal, as the terrific…

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Not putting the tomatoes in yet

Skinny tomato seedlings yearn for the sun “Have you put your tomatoes in yet?” The question echoes through all the vegetable gardens in chilly rain-soaked Maryland. And no, mine aren’t in yet, despite having sat on my back porch desperately…

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Think tomatoes!

It is a good day to think about tomatoes, in part because the weather is completely the opposite of good tomato-growing weather – in fact it feels like someone is throwing rotten squishy icy fruit at us – and also because…

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