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Worms! – The Garden Thyme Podcast

Listen to episode In this month episode, we are chatting about the wonderful world of worms. Yes, worms. Although worms are slimy and wiggly, they play a vital role in our ecosystem. Earthworms increase air and water into the soil…

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Can of Worms

I started vermi composting last year. It was one of the first projects I did and it worked. You can find my simple project in my previous post.  I had the vermicompost I needed for last season. Unfortunately, I left my…

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Let’s Celebrate Worms

From May 6 to May 12, it is the International Compost Aware Week.In the spirit of composting, let’s celebrate worms and the job they do!  Good things come in small packages. It came with instructions There they are, a…

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Lead in soils, soilless mixes, worm composting

Yes, this is the catch-all soil post!  I have too much gardening to do for separate posts. First, I wanted to point you to a brand new blog by Howard County MG Yung Cheng with a nice post on soils…

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