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Managing Slugs in Crop Fields and Gardens

¿Hablas español? Una traducción de este artículo se puede encontrar aquí. Slugs are a common field crop and horticultural pest. Managing them is challenging because their damage is often confused with other pest damage, and pesticide options are few and…

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Growing Potatoes in Straw

This is my crop of potatoes for 2021, harvested July 14. They’re nice-looking and they’ve been delicious, so I can’t call it a disappointing harvest entirely. But I would have liked more of them! This was my first try at…

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Slug damage on Big Mama Tomato We were warned that this would in all likelihood be The Year Of The Garden Pest. The warners were right. It is. Stink bugs, rabbits, deer, ground hogs, voracious caterpillars of all varieties, blister…

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Slugs: Slime, Sex, Slugfeast

Slug slithering over edge of brick Slime trails sparkling in the morning sun. Holes in veggies, fruits, and flowers. Yes, slugs dine overnight in our gardens. In veggie gardens, slugs sometimes chow down on such favorites as asparagus spears, tomatoes, peppers,…

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