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Indoor cucumbers, and wild cucumber relatives

This month’s post is Proud Mom Edition. Both my sons enjoy growing plants inside their apartments – all that botanical indoctrination paid off! My younger son, Patrick, has now managed to grow food in his sunny 21st-floor Chicago flat: a…

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Cocktails from the garden

I present to you the Mouse Melon Martini: Martini recipe of your choice with a pickled mouse melon!  I didn’t make it or drink it (can’t touch the stuff any longer: migraines) but I laughed. Those of you who do…

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Mouse Melon Soup

Perhaps none of you reading this have yet had the problem of too many mouse melons, but if you grow them, you very well may (see my previous post on mouse melons for description of this vigorous plant).  I recently…

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Melons for mice

Those of you who’ve been reading my blog entries for a while know that my favorite vegetable plant (that I only discovered last year) is Melothria scabra, the mouse melon or Mexican sour gherkin. Why do I like mouse melons…

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Mouse melon seed

2009 was, for me, the year of the mouse melon. You can read my previous post in which I enthuse about this little crisp cucumber relative that looks like a miniature watermelon. So if you want 2010 to be your…

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Vegetable love

It was great to have so many people visiting our vegetable garden at the August 29 open house. Please come see us again on October 3 and 4, Saturday and Sunday, from 11 to 4, for the Harvest Festival. This…

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