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Bean and pea update: favas and much more

We are still celebrating the Year of Beans and Peas at the Derwood Demo Garden. Peas were slow to get going due to early cold temperatures, but luckily once it got hot it didn’t stay hot, and we began harvesting…

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Reviews of two bean cookbooks

Guest post by Sharon Gordon. Fagioli: The Bean Cuisine of Italy by Judith Barrett, 2004. Barrett shares the regional diversity of bean dishes eaten during her 20 years of travel in Italy.  Whether your favorites are cannellini, borlotti, chickpeas, favas,…

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Beans and peas and more

Guest post by Sharon Gordon. Every year the people at Grow It Eat It select a statewide gardening theme.  This year’s theme is Beans and Peas and More.   I encourage  gardeners to try growing some new varieties of beans.  Consider…

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Favas and soybeans and snow peas, oh my!

This is your Round Up the Beans and Peas post – a quick overview of the food plants we’re emphasizing this year, and how they fit together taxonomically and geographically. You may think taxonomy is boring (it’s not!) but getting…

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Happy Year of the Bean and Pea, Black-Eyed Pea Edition

Happy New Year, everyone! Here at GIEI we are celebrating beans and peas in 2015, so get ready for lots of posts on our favorite legumes. In many cultures it’s traditional to eat black-eyed peas (with or without greens) on…

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