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My Pachysandra is Dying, What Can I Plant in Its Place?

Resident seeks groundcover options to replace Pachysandra. Photo: University of Maryland Extension / Ask an Expert Q: My Pachysandra is Dying, What Can I Plant in Its Place? A patch of Japanese Pachysandra in my yard was formerly healthy but…

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How Invasive is Chinese Silvergrass?

Chinese silvergrass, Miscanthus sinensis, is a beautiful ornamental grass. In its native range, it inhabits disturbed areas and meadows. Here in North America, it escapes cultivation to occupy similar types of places, and, given enough time it can displace native…

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Spotted Lanternfly: A New Invasive Pest That is Too Close for Comfort

Spotted Lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula) is an insect native to China that was first detected in Southeastern Pennsylvania in September 2014.  It has spread fairly rapidly since then. There were recent finds in Delaware and New York. Both were dead individual…

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