Help! Too much food!

Early September in the vegetable garden can be a time of late summer bounty when the cooling breezes of fall energize you into completing the season’s work with a heart full of joy and purpose. Or, perhaps more likely, your garden may be an overgrown fungal jungle full of humid air, rotten tomatoes, and waist-high weeds. (I hope that’s not just me. I only looked away for a second, I swear.)

But even if you’re organized and tidy, you may have experienced the dreaded glut. Just too many, of whatever it is. Zucchini, beans and tomatoes are the usual culprits, but you might also have overdone it on the peppers or the eggplant. You may manage to harvest everything, only to have no idea what to do with all of it once it reaches the kitchen. Or it may never find its way out of your garden to begin with. What to do?

Just some of the tomatoes awaiting my attention today. I roast and freeze what I can’t eat fresh.
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