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Garden Thyme Podcast – Episode 11 – Fall Lawn Care

Every summer has a story. We hope that your summer has been filled with wonderful gardening moments. As we hang on to the fleeting moments of long summer days, sun-kissed skin, and seemingly endless carefree moments, we look forward to…

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Pine Trees: Browning Foliage and Pine Cones – Featured Video

Moving into the fall season, you may see some of your pine trees turning partially brown.  This is generally a natural occurrence. Learn more about pines and other trees in the fall/winter season at our FAQ page.

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Q&A: Japanese Stiltgrass Management and Lawn Fertilization Tips

University of Maryland Lecturer and Turfgrass Management Advisor Geoff Rinehart answers your questions about lawn weeds and fall fertilization. Q: What is this “grass” and is it possible to eradicate it from our lawn? It has been spreading down the…

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