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New Vegetable Gardeners Face Old Problems

“What’s that bug doing on my bean plants”? “Should I be worried by these droopy leaves”? “Help – the lower leaves on my container tomato plants are turning yellow. What should I do?” HGIC is receiving many questions from first-time…

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Boxwood Blight in Maryland

Until last summer most people in Maryland weren’t aware of the new fungal disease infecting boxwood called boxwood blight. In 2011 professionals in the green (landscape and greenhouse) industry were informed of the disease but the outbreaks were scattered and…

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Why is My Tree (Or Shrub or Flower) Dying? Abiotic Problems Could be the Cause

Professionals in the landscape and greenhouse industry, trained horticulturists, and Master Gardeners often use the term “abiotic disorder” when diagnosing a plant problem. To the layman, this can be very confusing. To add to the confusion, signs and symptoms you…

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