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Q&A: How Can I Remove Lawn and Create a Native Habitat for Birds and Butterflies?

Q: Our place is almost entirely lawn and we want to convert the yard into a biodiverse, native habitat for birds and butterflies. Since it is almost fall, do we cover the grass areas with newspaper and then mulch on…

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Dealing with standing water in your yard

Q: Our backyard has very low spots where the water ends up after heavy rains. How do I deal with this? I would like to plant a garden of shrubs and perennials but don’t think many can take that much…

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Q&A: How Can I Make a Naturalistic Garden Look Intentional?

Q: I would like to plant a more natural garden but am worried about irritating the neighbors who might think it is sloppy or not a garden at all! Any advice? A: Make a natural garden look intentional. Here are…

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Ambrosia Beetles Are Behind Those Tubes

Q: These things like spaghetti pasta were sticking out of our tree that suddenly died. They crumbled when I touched them. Did they attack the tree and kill it? A: These are sawdust tubes pushed out by ambrosia beetles as they bore…

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Q&A: Try these groundcovers that will keep deer away

Q: What groundcovers can you recommend for shade? I’ve removed all the English ivy and need something before erosion starts. I like evergreen ones, and I also have deer problems. A: Many of the following are deer resistant, if not…

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Clementine box for lettuce

   I teach several Grow It Eat It classes throughout the year.  This year, I wanted to create a portable “lettuce box” that I could take with me to my GIEI classes.  I wanted my box to be easy to…

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