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Grow healthy, productive plants with the right supports

Being supported is important. For you. For me. And for our garden plants. The right garden supports help keep plants healthy. Lifting them up, up, up on stakes, cages and trellises boosts air circulation. This cuts down on rot and…

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Grow Your Own Food in a Victory Garden

Victory Gardens are back.   Concerns over food security have triggered memories of Victory Gardens and inspired people to revive the tradition to help feed their families.   During WWI and WWII, governments here and abroad encouraged people to grow their own…

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Gardens Create Beauty, Food, and Hope

Fresh air. Sunshine. The smell of warm earth. The feel of tender leaves. The honest sweat of work. The imagining of tastes, fragrance, and beauty to come.  How could gardening be anything but therapeutic?  We who delight in plunging our…

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