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Hummingbirds Add Grace to the Garden

Hummingbird on feeder

In a few weeks, they will return; flashes of emerald green winging their way through our gardens. The hummingbirds will be back. Around April 15, hummingbirds return from their winter digs.  Weighing about the same as a dime, they pack…

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Building healthy soil is the key to healthy plants

Healthy soil grows healthy plants.  If you want a vigorous, productive garden, protect and improve your soil. Soil is made up of minerals, air, water, and organic matter.  This skin of the Earth anchors and grows our food, filters our…

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Top 10 ways to kill a houseplant

Phalaenopsis orchids are relatively easy houseplants to grow

It’s easy to kill a houseplant. No matter how green his or her thumb, every gardener has a sad tale about the orchid that expired, the pothos that went to pot, or the weeping fig that dropped every blessed leaf….

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Holly is entwined in holiday traditions

Holly berries

The holly and the ivy,When they are both full grown,Of all the trees that are in the wood,The holly bears the crown. This traditional British Christmas carol highlights the prominence of holly in our holiday celebrations.   But where did that…

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Carve out some time to winterize your garden


Fall is a time, “when every leaf is a flower,” said writer Albert Camus.  How true.  It’s easy to get caught up in the razzle-dazzle of red, gold, purple, green, and brown, isn’t it?   As gardeners though, we need to…

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The Itchy Truth About Poison Ivy

It starts with a twitch and an itch. Then it grows into full-blown scratchiness and dreadful knowing. You have poison ivy. Again. I tip my hat to those immune to the maddening rash that contact with this plant brings. You…

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Dragonflies bring beauty on the wing

Dragonflies are amazing insects. Their aerial acrobatics are impressive as is their ability to control pests from mosquitoes to biting flies. And oh their beauty when shimmering over a garden or pond! Over 5,000 species dress themselves in everything from…

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